Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Updating the Dining Room

  This is how the dining room has been for years. Sorry about the pictures, I think I may have to get my camera fixed or looked at. I have been using a point and shoot for years and would love to upgrade, but that is for another day.

I wanted to change things up and I saved my money to buy a few new things. Here is what it looks like today. I bought a new rug from Walmart, curtains, and table runner from Target. 

Here is my water bar, H!HA! I just put some bottle water in a pie plate. You can also see my collection of mugs. I have more because I just love to collect mugs. I will be showing them in upcoming posts. 

That is the update for the dining room, just plain and simple.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Have You Ever

 A few months ago I wanted to buy a new desk for my craft one. The one I had broke a leg and could not be fixed so we decided to just buy a new one. I found one I liked and we bought it.

Hubby put it together and I loved it. Warning, don't throw away your boxes if you are not really sure you want to keep what you buy. Trash day was the next day and we threw all the boxes that it came in. I did not set up the desk until a few days later because we had to leave for a day.

The day we came back I started to put things on the desk and that is when the problem happen. I was going to use my sewing machine on the desk too and found out that because the drawers were on the right side where I usually keep my machine to use just did not work.

I really wanted to keep it, but we tried everything and it was just too much trouble trying to sew on it. I called up Walmart where we bought it online and told them we wanted to send it back. Usually we can just take things to our local Walmart even it we put it together, they would take it. Not this time, they said we would have to take it apart and send it back in the mail. No problem until we found out that buying new boxes would cost 100.00 to buy and send it back. The desk cost 200. 00 and no way were we going to pay that amount to send it back. 

Hubby said he would take it and use it for our computer since our computer desk was falling apart.  I decided to decorate around it with his military things. 

This is how the old desk looked about 8 years ago. Nice than, but now horrible. Sorry I did not take a current picture of it.

 Now here is the new desk and how I decorated it for Hubby.

I think it turn out well and Hubby loves it.